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Music Style: Hard Rock, Progressive Rock

Country: United States

Year: 1973-1987, 1995- Present



Journey is a popular American hard rock band that originated from San Francisco, California. The band was formed in 1973 initially as a band to serve as a back-up group for other established acts in the Bay Area. Originally known as the Golden Gate Rhythm Section, the band formed under the guidance of Herbie Herbert, a former manager for the band Santana.

And because of their decision to strike out on their own, the band started to drop the back-up group concept and started to develop their own style and establish themselves as their own band. Along they way the band changed their name to Journey. Their first two album releases in 1975 and 1976 did not achieve significant sales. In order to make the band better, some of the band members took singing lessons in order to create vocal harmonies with their lead singer on their songs.

The band took a new musical direction from 1977-1980 at the request of their label Columbia Records. They began to get attuned to the more popular style in those times in the likes of Boston and Foreigner. The band finally hit gold with their forth album Infinity in 1978 along with a new lead singer in the name of Steve Perry. The album gave the band its first platinum seller.

It was then followed by several other albums that was received with more popularity by fans especially with their new sound under Steve Perry. Eventually the band was able to sell more than 100 million albums. The band is currently touring and has just released their latest album, Revelation, in 2008 which debuted at number 5 on the Billboard Charts by selling more than 196,000 units in its first two weeks. The band is now touring with a new lead singer in tow with Filipino front man, Arnel Pineda.



Neal Schon – lead rhythm guitars, backing vocals, lead vocals (1973-present)

Ross Valory – bass, backing vocals, lead vocals (1973-1985, 1995-present)

Jonathan Cain – piano, keyboards, rhythm guitar, backing vocals, lead vocals (1980-present)

Deen Castronovo – drums, percussion, backing vocals, lead vocals (1998-present)

Arnel Pineda – lead vocals (2007-present)


Gregg Rolie – keyboards, lead vocals, backing vocals (1973-1980)

George Tickner – rhythm guitar, backing vocals (1973-1975)

Prairie Prince – drums, percussion (1973-1974)

Aynsley Dunbar – drums, percussion (1974-1978)

Robert Fleischman – lead vocals (1977)

Steve Perry – lead vocals (1977-1998)

Steve Smith – drums, percussion, backing vocals (1978-1985, 1995-1998)

Randy Jackson – bass, backing vocals (1985-1987)

Larrie Londin – drums, percussion (1985-1986)

Mike Baird – drums, percussion (1986-1987)

Bob Glaub – bass (1986)

Steve Augeri – lead vocals, occasional rhythm guitar on tour (1998-2006)

Jeff Scott Soto – lead vocals (2006-2007)

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