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Ash bandBand Information

Music Style: Alternative Rock, Punk rock
Country: Northern Ireland
Year: 1992- Present



Tim Wheeler- guitar, vocals
Mark Hamilton- bass
Rick McMurray- drums


Charlotte Hatherley- Guitar/Piano/Backing Vocals


Ash is an alternative rock band that hails from Downpatrick, Northern Ireland. The band officially formed in 1992 and was composed of Tim Wheeler, Mark Hamilton and Rick McMurray. The band members shared a love for raw British punk that served as an influence on their songs and music.

The band wasn’t yet even out of high school when their three singles hit the Top five in the UK indie charts. This led them to ater sign up with Reprise records where they were able to release their first full-length album, 1977.

Sometime in 1997, the band added female guitarist Charlotte Heatherly into the fold. This was also the year that the band began to change their musical style towards a more mature approach. Their new sound began to feature heavier guitars and a mature shift to their song’s lyrical content.


1977 – Released 6 May 1996
Nu-Clear Sounds – Released 5 October 1998
Free All Angels – Released 23 April 2001
Meltdown – Released 17 May 2004
Twilight of the Innocents – Released 2 July 2007


The band’s name, Ash, was said to be taken from the first word in the dictionary that the band members liked.

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